TuneIn App/Site

If you use the TuneIn app, do a search for Alternative Rewind.  You can also select the link below to listen to Alternative Rewind in a new tab or window in your web browser or the TuneIn app if it is installed:

Listen to Alternative Rewind on

Web Player

Select the link below to open our HTML 5 Web Player that is provided by our streaming provider.

Listen via our Web Player

Media Players and Apps

If you would like to listen using your favorite media player (iTunes, VLC), copy and past this link into the “Custom URL”, “Custom Stream”, “Open Stream”, “Open Link” or “Open URL” section of your media player:

Additional Information

Alternative Rewind streams at a bitrate of 32kbps using the AAC+ encoding technology.  Our stream uses a minimal amount of data if you are concerned about monthly usage quotas on mobile data plans.